Why Use Energy Efficiency Audits Reports

Why Use Energy Efficiency Audits Reports?

Energy Efficiency Audits are a leading national supplier of Air Conditioning Assessments and have many preferred suppliers who avail of our services. We have professional indemnity insurance to protect you as a valuable client and are accredited inspectors for the TM44 legislation.

All of our assessors are highly qualified and you can be assured that our inspectors are of the utmost integrity and professionalism. Each inspector acting on your behalf will be efficient, competent, qualified and accredited and highly professional in their dealings and conduct. This has given our air conditioning reports a most excellent reputation with building owners, corporations, councils and building management companies.

Our air conditioning inspectors are fully trained and receive ongoing assessment and training. Our experienced assessors will deliver a report that is consistent, easy to understand and covers every aspect of the inspection process from your initial enquiry through to the certificate you receive following a successful inspection. All work is reviewed by our in house experts so you can be sure of the accuracy and quality of our processes.

We are committed to providing a high quality report to our clients that will ensure you are certified for five years and also have some efficiency and cost saving recommendations that will help keep you compliant ready for the next inspection in five years time.

Contact Energy Efficiency Audits to talk about your air conditioning inspection.

Our surveys and inspections are designed to cause the minimum of fuss and disruption to your working day and we encourage our clients to familiarize themselves with the TM44 regulations in advance of our visit. We will be able to furnish clients with the relevant part of the manual on what to do prior to an inspection. Our aim is to carry out our inspections in a timely manner and deliver your report as quickly as possible so that you may either carry out any remedial works as recommended or receive your certification to show to register with your local council.

We take pride in our work ethic and the professionalism of our reports for clients and as a professional organisation will always work in the clients interest and be on hand to answer any queries and provide an excellent service.

For an explanation of our reports and the process for TM44 inspections contact one of our assessors who will talk you through the process and what you will need to do in advance of the inspection. Since April 2012 Councils have been pro-active in seeking out certification from building owners for compliance with TM44. There is a financial penalty for not having a TM44 certificate and when the process is so accessible and affordable, it is not worth being penalised unnecessarily. Remember the certificate is valid for five years so why not have that peace of mind and book an appointment to day.


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