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Lesser Known Air Conditioning Hazards

Many things can affect the functioning of building air conditioning systems. It is important to apply regular checks and maintenance outside of inspections and air conditioning systems servicing. There are some lesser-known hazards often overlooked that can affect the efficiency and operation of the air conditioning system in your building. To preserve your air conditioning […]

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Cost Savings From TM44 Inspections

Air Conditioning is a valuable asset to any organisation. Without air conditioning, many processes we take for granted would not be possible. However, air conditioning is also a heavy user of energy resources and on a global scale The expense of keeping buildings temperature controlled has a profound effect on any organisation’s bottom line. It […]

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Energy Efficient Air Conditioning

For building owners and those involved in new constructions, energy efficient air conditioning units are now the norm. The cost of electricity and the environmental impact of over consumption make energy efficient air conditioning a necessity rather than a luxury. Over consumption of electricity results in pollution and acid rain and uses natural resources and […]

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