Lesser Known Air Conditioning Hazards

Many things can affect the functioning of building air conditioning systems. It is important to apply regular checks and maintenance outside of inspections and air conditioning systems servicing. There are some lesser-known hazards often overlooked that can affect the efficiency and operation of the air conditioning system in your building. To preserve your air conditioning system for longer it is as well to check for these lesser-known hazards.

Plant Foliage

Landscaping around a building especially to disguise areas where plant equipment and outdoor air conditioning units are located is commonplace. Plants and foliage help to maintain the look of a building to avoid it looking too industrial and bare. There are precautions to be taken as plants and foliage may damage your air conditioning unit. The air conditioning unit contains coil, which are highly susceptible to collecting dirt and other debris. Much of this unwanted debris can come from foliage planted too close to the air conditioning unit. To avoid any problems caused by your landscaping:

  • Never have any planting within two feet of the air conditioning unit outlet.
  • Keep plants and foliage well trimmed and collect the trimmings
  • Keep control of overgrown grass around the air conditioning unit by mowing and collecting clippings.

Winter Weather

During the winter, we tend to protect many things from the bitter winter cold, but have you ever thought of protecting your air conditioning unit in the same manner? If not, you may want to give more thought to it this as winter approaches. Cold weather, rain, snow, and ice can all have a damaging effect on an air conditioning system.

The best way to protect your system if you live in a very cold winter climate is to purchase an air conditioning cover. These covers are designed for central air conditioning systems, which are not in use throughout the winter months. They keep the ice and snow from making direct contact with the air conditioning unit outdoors and block the rain from entering the unit. The cover will also trap in a bit more heat so the air conditioning unit is not frozen.

Irregular Inspections

Failure to have air conditioning systems inspected until there are signs of trouble is a mistake and can cause many costly repairs. Regular inspections can prevent many problems and will be less expensive than fixing problems when the system breaks down completely. Regular inspection and maintenance will also mean your five yearly TM44 air conditioning inspection will be routine without any unpleasant surprises.


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