Energy Efficient Air Conditioning

For building owners and those involved in new constructions, energy efficient air conditioning units are now the norm. The cost of electricity and the environmental impact of over consumption make energy efficient air conditioning a necessity rather than a luxury.

Over consumption of electricity results in pollution and acid rain and uses natural resources and fossil fuels that need preserving. Electricity conservation has benefits for the environment and for cost savings.

Whatever your air conditioning system, it is our job as accredited inspectors for TM44 legislation to not only inspect your air conditioning system but also to make recommendations how you can cut costs and make your system more energy efficient, our survey and final report will give you a list of recommendations that you can implement.

Discussing your needs with an air conditioning contractor familiar with energy efficient air conditioners and highly optimised efficient air conditioning services can help you better understand which unit might be more appropriate for your needs in the future or for replacement now. It is worthwhile for anyone who is responsible for building services to be familiar with the latest air conditioning units and systems so there will be knowledge to hand if an upgrade is required. Energy efficient systems can have a longer pay back time than non-efficient systems, but the savings in electricity consumption going forward will be very worthwhile and will help you to stay in compliance with TM44 legislation.

Expert installation is just as important as the air conditioning system you purchase and always use a contracting company that has a good reputation and has properly trained and qualified staff on their crews. It is important to have watertight service level agreements in place and guarantees of workmanship and product. To be able to rely on regular maintenance that will keep your air conditioning system running as energy efficiently as possible is extremely worthwhile especially as the TM44 inspections need to be carried out every five years.

Everyone in the building construction and HVAC industries are now starting to understand that Earth’s environment is highly impacted by every day actions that are taken for granted. Something as simple as running a building’s air conditioning system contributes to greenhouse gases. In order to prevent global warming, there is legislation by governments that set down parameters of what is permissible in terms of carbon footprints and emissions.

This is what TM44 inspections are all about. It is a European directive that every country in the EU has to comply with so that a difference can be made towards a global effort to reduce environmental pollution. Every decision, such as which air-conditioning system to use adds up to a massive impact on our environment. With energy efficient air conditioning systems now becoming the mainstream form of air conditioning units and the introduction of TM44 inspections, our planet is being given a break from one of the worst forms of pollution modern society is producing.


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