Electronic Waste Recycling

Electronic waste recycling or E-waste recycling is a rapidly expanding industry because of consumer appetite for the very latest technology. These days when new electronic devices are quite cheap, not many people bother to have their electronics repaired. This means there is a surfeit of discarded computers, office equipment, games consoles, mobile phones and television sets.

For the average household who like to keep up with the latest technology, there is likely to be a lot of electronic goods that need to be disposed of.

It may be possible to donate the items to charity or to friends, but in most cases the items will need to be disposed of or re-used by a specialist recycling organisation. If not disposed of properly, these electronics can contaminate land and waterways because of hazardous materials such as mercury and lead contained in the components. While there are no reports of harmful effects by using landfill, it does not make any sense not to salvage the valuable resources in the components that include precious metals, copper and lead or to take risks with people’s health and the environment.

E-waste recycling tries to firstly re-use the electronics especially computers if they are working. These can be donated to developing nations as there are many charities and overseas aid organisations that distribute them. If the items are not suitable for re-use, the precious and base metals along with recyclable individual components are salvaged for recycling. Re-using electronic goods has the benefit of reducing the demand for new products which means less raw materials are used which preserves resources, less energy is used hence the manufacturing impact on the environment is much reduced.

Being responsible with your e-waste recycling will reap many benefits and is another way every individual can lessen the use of energy and valuable earth resources. It is very satisfying to know that your outdated goods are in use where they are really needed and that any useful parts will be saved and processed.

When you wish to discard an electronic item, if it is in working order you can try to recycle by offering the item free to charities, schools, and friends or even sell them (there is a market for old games consoles and the games that come with them). The shops that many charities run are always grateful for used goods to sell. If your electronic item is not working, see if it can be repaired. It is always worth asking for a quotation as it will cost nothing, may extend the life of your product and save you money. Popular electronic items are often bought by electronic and electrical repair shops for spare parts so consider this option.

Do not be tempted just to discard your electronics without trying to re-use or re-cycle. Find a suitable e-waste recycling company or see if the item will be accepted at your local recycling centre. This will ensure your item is disposed of or re-used responsibly and give you the satisfaction that it may be put to good use either as component parts or as a working item for schools in developing nations.



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