Cost Savings From TM44 Inspections

Air Conditioning is a valuable asset to any organisation. Without air conditioning, many processes we take for granted would not be possible. However, air conditioning is also a heavy user of energy resources and on a global scale

The expense of keeping buildings temperature controlled has a profound effect on any organisation’s bottom line. It makes sense therefore to run your air conditioning systems as efficiently and as economically as possible. Not only does this reduce your carbon footprint, it reduces the costs of energy bills and saves energy resources. When you examine the overall levels of Air Conditioning power consumption, you begin to understand why it is necessary to consider running your business in a sustainable manner.

Air conditioners use a great deal of electricity because they are always battling against the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which is that temperatures will always even themselves out. Heat flows to cold and an air conditioning system will attempt to beat nature by taking refrigerant through states of compression and expansion. The refrigerant absorbs heat from the building and pushes it outside where it will be dumped. This process works because of compression and decompression of the gas, which relies on electrically powered pumps and compressors to operate. Because of this constant adjustment, a lot of energy is used.

Some interesting statistics show that 25% of all electricity used in the United States is used by air conditioning. Consequently, the US power grids are fitted with excess power generating equipment to handle “spikes” in consumption from air conditioning usage. In fact, the total electricity consumption of India and Indonesia (the second and fourth largest population densities in the world) is LESS than what is used by air conditioning in the US.

This example shows that by paying attention to energy efficiency, the amount of energy used by air conditioning systems can be reduced lessening the impact on natural resources but also saving around 5% of the cost of your air conditioning bills. A 5% reduction in operational costs during these economically challenging times is a cost saving that no business can afford to ignore.

If you have not met your legal responsibility and failed to have a TM44 air conditioning inspection or do not hold a current TM44 air conditioning report, you are at risk of facing a fine for non-compliance. Local authorities have had difficulties identifying non-compliant air conditioning systems in the past but a new government system is making it easier to monitor compliance and identify building owners who have failed to have the TM44 air conditioning inspections carried out.

We are accredited air conditioning inspectors that will ensure we carry out your audit efficiently and responsibly. We will make recommendations and identify cost savings in our full detailed analysis and report. These days, no building owner or manager can afford to throw money away so contact us to discuss your TM44 requirements and we will be happy to assist you.


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