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Pollutants and Modern Building Materials

Many things contribute towards air conditioning systems being fit for purpose. Here we look at some of the obstacles with modern building materials that offer challenges for high quality indoor air. Over the past twenty years, there have been two trends in construction. These trends have put significant stresses on indoor environments. Firstly, buildings are […]

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What Noisy Air Conditioning Means

Very often our inspections report on very noisy air conditioning systems which either need remedial work or replacement. Building owners can often save time and money by being aware of the usual noise output from their air conditioning system and should then be alerted if there is any change because this indicates there is an […]

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Critical Equipment Defects in Air Conditioning

Often our air conditioning inspections will show up some critical defects in air conditioning equipment. In this article, we describe some typical defects we have encountered in the course of our inspections. We have standard checklists to use where we list the types of critical problems that we find in air conditioning or heat pump […]

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