TM44 Air Conditioning System Inspections

TM44 Inspections

Under the new legislation, air conditioning systems are specifically targeted as they can account for up to 50% of a buildings energy usage. are experts in helping you with your compliance in respect of the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations and EPBD Article 9. Rapidly gaining recognition, the Article 9 Air Conditioning Inspection also acts as an ideal analysis tool to assist the identification of areas where there are opportunities for energy saving. Inspections of this type often pay for themselves in just a few weeks after implementation of low and no cost measures found during the inspection process.

The objectives of the TM44 inspections are:

  • To provide system performance information to building owners and operators.
  • To save energy and money by identifying areas in your system where CO2 emissions can be reduced.

A full report is presented from the TM44 inspection, which will highlight energy and money saving measures with a reasonable payback period. The report is valid for 5 years after which time another TM44 inspection will be required.

TM 44 Inspection – What systems need it?

Under the regulations, an air conditioning system has a specific definition.

A combination of all the components required to provide a form of air treatment in which the temperature is controlled or can be lowered, and includes systems which combine such air treatment with the control of ventilation, humidity, and air cleanliness”.

A further definition under the regulations refers to the cooling capacity of air conditioning systems as:

The sum of all individual cooling units under the control of one building owner or operator”. It may therefore include smaller ‘window-box’ and split units which are considered to be part of the ‘system’.”

Process cooling systems are not included in the regulations.

There are two phases in the introduction of the inspections. Phase 1 applies to those systems with a cooling capacity rated above 250 kW and phase 2 applies to systems over 12kW.

When do the Regulations apply?

  • Over 250 kW cooling capacity inspections to be completed by 4 January 2009.
  • First inspection of all existing systems over 12 kW to be completed by 4 January 2011.
  • Systems installed after January 2008 over 12Kw are to be inspected within five years of commissioning.

Who Can Inspect Air Conditioning?

Only qualified and accredited air conditioning system assessors may perform. TM44 air conditioning system inspections. All of our fully accredited assessors can undertake air conditioning inspections. can provide a service for simple and complex TM44 inspections.